About Us

Established in 2010, with an endeavor to improving lives in India by introducing innovative products, Kshipra Health Solutions joined hands with CATALYSIS in 2010 and CEBELIA in 2014. We have also developed our own private label products too.

Catalysis S.L., based in Madrid, Spain is dedicated to research and development of products in the Dermo - Cosmetic and Dietary Supplement Fields since more than 4 decades. The aim of their research is to discover treatments without the use of aggressive medicines that, all too often, produce terrible side effects. Our products are completely natural, thoroughly harmless and based on the latest discoveries of the beneficial effects of ANTIOXIDANTS and ANTI- FREE RADICAL AGENTS on the human body.

Cebelia, from Paris, France, along with CNRS/ INSERM develop innovative technology with an objective to discover agents that will be effective in treating damaged skin. Cebelia holds a patent on Cebeline® (a peptide fragment of Laminin-5) that accelerates skin healing, replacing its absent or deficient native counterpart and Pekaline®- which disrupts melanin production on two levels and helps eliminate spots.

Our prime objective is improving lives of individuals by redefining treatment experiences. We truly believe in partnering with Healthcare professionals by providing unique and innovative solutions which help improve quality of life.

A strong emphasis on Quality and Technology distinguishes us and our products. Our products are manufactured with great care using the highest quality standards. Product quality and value of commitment are the hallmarks of our company.

Our innovative technology driven products now enable health care professionals to ease the treatment experience. Our unique, ‘no side-effects’, products help the patients in coping up with their problem. For more information, contact us now!