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BABÉ 10% Urea Repairing Lotion 100/500 ml

  • Rs. 840.00

10% stable Urea with a pleasing scent.


Suitable for moisturising dry, wrinkly or flaking skin.

  • Helps restore the hydration level of the skin, bringing an immediate sensation of comfort.
  • Brings softness to the skin thanks to the dual action of the Urea and Soy Oil.
  • Rapidly absorbing light texture.

For daily use. Apply with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Avoid use on outbreaks of atopic dermatitis.

The body lotion has a ton of unique skin-care advantages, especially right before bed. Body lotion will hydrate your skin and offer you more benefits than you could imagine. The body lotion also referred to as hand and body lotion or just body lotion is a standard item on almost every dressing table or cosmetics storage area. Along with women, most men also use body lotion in their daily activities because it provides nutrients for the skin.

Why have we incorporated UREA into our skincare range?

Numerous skin care products contain UREA to treat medical disorders linked to dry or itchy skin as well as overall skin dryness. Additionally, UREA can help exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells and possibly fight fungus infections. Several disorders linked to dry, scaly, or rough skin are treated with UREA creams and lotions.

BABE UREA 10 Repairing Lotion - Kshipra Health Solutions

The BABE UREA 10 Repairing Lotion is a daily moisturizer designed to soothe and restore dry, flaky skin. It can deeply hydrate the skin and restore the skin's natural protective barrier because it is rich in moisturizing and nourishing actives. Also, as the BABE Repairing Lotion contains 10% UREA, it offers a mild exfoliating effect that helps remove dead skin cells and gives the skin suppleness and smoothness. Overall, it aids in restoring the skin's ideal levels of hydration, creates a healthy skin barrier, and helps to block further moisture, which not only soothes the skin but also leaves it soft and supple.

Characteristics of BABE UREA Repairing Lotion

  • Suitable for dry to very dry skin types.
  • Retrieves the soft and velvety skin due to the active action of UREA and Soybean Oil.
  • Light texture that is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.
  • Formulated without parabens and alcohol.

Main Active Ingredients in BABE UREA Repairing Lotion

The rich formula of BABE UREA Repairing Lotion is a composition of a number of great ingredients like:

  • UREA 10% is an essential ingredient in the Natural Moisture Factor. As it prevents water loss, it offers intense moisturization. All types of skin can regain their natural elasticity with the help of UREA 10%.
  • Soy oil 3.50% is an element present in nature. From the first application, this emollient oil provides the skin with its oil-restoring capabilities. Even the driest and most sensitive skin types can be soothed and nourished by their high Omega 3, 6, and 9 concentrations.
  • Glycerin 3% moisturizes the skin thoroughly and safely while respecting its natural appearance. Additionally, this treatment encourages the natural water retention of the skin, preventing cutaneous dryness in the process.
  • Shea Butter 2% promotes cell regeneration and restores skin equilibrium. With a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, it hydrates the skin and leaves it silky after using shea butter.
  • Vitamin E 0.25% is an ultra-rich antioxidant that targets skin cells and shields them from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Instruction to use BABE Repairing Lotion

  • Pour a tiny amount of the BABE 10 per cent UREA Repairing Lotion onto your hand's palm before gently massaging your body.
  • Pay close attention to the most damaged areas.
  • Make sure the cream is applied evenly, paying special attention to dry and flaky areas.
  • Don't rinse or scrape off extra cream; simply let the product rest until it is fully absorbed.
  • The best time to apply the BABE UREA Repairing Lotion is right before bed.

Benefits of BABE UREA 10% Repairing Lotion

  • Because of its high-tech components, it restores the skin's natural moisture levels.
  • It immediately induces a feeling of relaxation and dryness relief.
  • This lotion has the softest effect due to the combined action of Soy Oil and UREA.
  • Due to its lightweight nature, it absorbs easily and rapidly. It exclusively has oils of vegetable origin.
  • pH was adjusted to return the skin to its normal state. Dermatologically tested to help with treatments for dry skin.