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BABÉ Emollient Cream 200ml

  • Rs. 2,590.00

Moisturiser enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9, that helps maintain the skin barrier.


Body cream with nourishing and moisturising actives that help restore areas of dryness.

  • Helps relieve the feeling of itchiness, irritation and tightness.
  • Brings immediate comfort and softness.
  • Acts on atopic dermatitis, breaking the itch-scratch cycle.


For daily use. Apply on dry areas as many times as needed with a gentle massage.

In situations of atopic dermatitis: can be inserted between doses of topical treatments with corticosteroids to help accelerate the recovery of the skin.

BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream - Kshipra Health Solutions

The BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream is one of the best skin care solutions to treat dry and irritated skin with utmost care and comfort. The BABE Emollient Cream is known for its comforting features, providing immediate soothing effects. Fit for dry skin, the BABE Cream helps with the rejuvenation of the dead skin and promotes healthy skin. Coming in contact with pollutants daily and being exposed to harmful UV rays, it is no secret that skin loses its therapeutic properties and can cause uncertain skin conditions and pain. Thus, to promote the skin's good health and retain its essential properties, it is important to nurture it with good skincare products. BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream is prominently used to heal dry skin conditions and enhance overall skin health; this cream helps retain moisture. Its regular use and application also ensure skin rejuvenation and removal of toxins.

Kshipra Health Solutions, a more than decade-old endeavour, aims to provide robust health solutions with the prime objective of improving lives by redefining the treatment experiences. Offering innovative and unique solutions that empower no side effects treatments, all the products by Kshipra Health Solutions are top-quality technology-driven solutions driven by value and commitment to serving the best to the community. Apply the BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream every day, resist toxins and atopic skin conditions and enhance the value of the skincare routine by adding BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream to the practice by Kshipra Health Solutions.

Characteristics of BABE Cream

  • The BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream is suitable for mild to extremely dry or atopic skin.
  • The cream is the perfect solution to heal atopic skin that causes itchiness and irritation with a creamy texture.
  • Without time or use limitations, applying it whenever necessary helps with good results immediately and gradually restores skin health.
  • It prevents irritation and dryness, fights skin itching, and provides utmost comfort to the skin right from the first application.

Main Active Ingredients Used

  • The composition of BABE cream contains 4% Shea Butter. It moisturises the skin and fights against skin dehydration. The frequent use or application of the cream ensures skin flexibility and promotes overall good skin.
  • 3% Glycerin in the composition ensures skin hydration and avoids skin dryness by boosting the natural water retention in the skin.
  • The 1% Inca Inchi oil is merely used to enhance the ability of the skin to fight dryness and dehydration. It also promotes elasticity of the skin and natural good health.
  • The 1% Vitamin F in the formula combines fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. Used to regenerate healthy skin and reconstruct dry and extremely dry skin, it is used for its natural emollient and hydrating properties.
  • The 1% Natural Moisturizing Factor contains a combination of benefitting acids. Its ability to moisturise the skin retains the natural moisture and prevents the skin from toxins.
  • The 0.5% Squalane proportion promotes overall healthy skin, good appearance, skin flexibility, elasticity and natural softness.

Instruction to use

  • It is better to use the BABE Laboratorios Emollient Cream with oil soap as a part of the routine treatment for dry or atopic skin.
  • Pour a small amount of the BABE Cream into the palm of your hand and apply it to the infected areas of your face and body.
  • Massage the cream application gently with the hands until the skin absorbs the cream completely.
  • It is advisable to not rinse off the excess cream over the skin.
  • Frequent or daily use of the cream reaps good results gradually.
  • Applying it to the dry and affected areas slowly heals the problem.
  • Apply the BABE cream on the infected part for immediate relief whenever necessary.

Benefits of BABE Emollient Cream

Babe Emollient Cream is a moisturizing cream mainly used for its immediate soothing and comforting effects. Best for dry skin, dehydrated and atopic skin, the daily use of BABE Cream will ensure healthy skin by relieving skin irritation and itching. It is also known for its hydrating benefit, as the use of BABE cream prevents skin dehydration and keeps it moisturised beneath the upper layer. It nourishes the skin, restores essential elements and provides comfort with every use. The fatty acids used for the composition ensure regeneration of the dry zones over the skin, assuring immediate soothing effects and restoring good health gradually.

The prime benefits of BABE Emollient Cream

  • Using the cream daily cures problems caused due to dry skin.
  • It helps with relieving skin irritation and itchiness and regenerates healthy skin.
  • The use of cream makes skin soft and relieves tightness right from the first application.
  • Frequent application or daily use keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated.
  • It breaks the itch-scratch cycle by acting on atopic dermatitis and preventing further damage.
  • Provides immediate relief and comfort to the skin.