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BABÉ Extra Mild Pediatric Shampoo 200 ml

  • Rs. 1,590.00

Does not sting in the eyes


Cleans, cares for and delicately protects the scalp and hair of the little ones.

  • Cleans and conditions the hair very softly, bringing softness and shine thanks to its hair conditioner.  
  • Its pH is adapted to the tear conduct area, avoiding irritation and facilitating bath time.


    For daily use.

    Apply on wet scalp with a soft massage. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.  

    BABE Pediatric Shampoo - Kshipra Health Solutions

    With a pH that suits the delicate and sensitive skin well, the BABE pediatric shampoo is the most effective formula for cleansing and keeping the scalp skin of the little one healthy and fit. Baby hairs are tiny and delicate and thus, need extra care while cleaning, washing and grooming. To ensure the desired care and precautions while cleaning, it is of utmost importance to use pediatric shampoo with mild pH formula composition for the skin and body. BABE Pediatric Shampoo is formulated with compositions that assure no harm in cleaning for newborns and young children. A well-balanced, mild pH composition with ingredients that benefit the most, the BABE pediatric shampoo is ideal for hair and scalp cleansing.

    The BABE Pediatric extra mild shampoo is formulated with pH, providing a tear-free and comfortable bathing experience. It includes elements that ensure cleaning delicate portions like hair and skin without itching, irritation or creating heavy foam. Providing quality health solutions backed by science and technology, Kshipra Health Solutions is an endeavour that serves the solutions with the sole objective of enhancing the approach towards life with innovative health treatment experiences. Redefining treatment and approaches with unique solutions, Kshipra assures no side effects with treatment formulated with compositions that only bring out the best. Use BABE pediatric extra mild shampoo for your little one and keep the health of their hair and scalp nourished and enhance the bathing experience.

    Characteristics of BABE Pediatric Extra Mild Shampoo

    • Made for young children, the shampoo takes care of cleaning without problems and provides a comfortable, tear-free bathing experience.
    • The BABE pediatric shampoo is made up of hair conditioners and panthenol to ensure shiny and soft hairs.
    • The smooth textured formula facilitates combining and daily cleansing.
    • Known for its ability to keep the scalp healthy and hairs carefree, the BABE pediatric shampoo deals with hair and scalp cleansing along with keeping the scalp nourished.
    • Fit for newborns, infants and young children; the shampoo can be used once or twice a day while taking a bath.
    • It fits all skin types and helps with cleansing without itching, irritation or stinging the eyes.
    • The formula does not contain alcohol or any form of additional colour or flavour.

    Main Active Ingredients Used

    • The composition of BABE pediatric extra mild shampoo includes 0.50% BABE baby care complex. It contains calendula, mimosa and aloe vera as the main active ingredients. The formula's aloe vera helps reduce inflammation, itching, and irritation. The mimosa in the formula ensures soothing and softening of the skin.
    • To ensure moisturising action of the hair and prevent it from breakage, the BABE pediatric extra mild shampoo also contains 1% hair conditioners. It also reduces electrostatic electricity and helps with frizz-free hairs.
    • The formula of BABE pediatric shampoo with mild pH also contains panthenol 1%, which makes the hair softer and elastic. Apart from that, it also contains provitamin B5, which retains the moisture level of the scalp and hair, preventing hair loss and making it easier to comb.

    Instruction to use

    • Pour water on the hair and scalp to make the surface wet.
    • Take the BABE Pediatric extra mild shampoo on the palm and apply it to the damp hair and scalp.
    • Massage the hairs and scalp gently and rinse it off thoroughly after washing.
    • The formula does not contain any harmful ingredients or alcohol and is tear-free.

    Benefits of BABE Pediatric Shampoo

    • The BABE pediatric extra mild shampoo respects the baby's delicate skin, hair and scalp and thus helps with a tear-free bathing experience.
    • It aims to make the hairs shiny and soft with each application and take care of the natural skin texture.
    • All the ingredients and composition of the shampoo are mild and contain no harmful toxins.
    • The shampoo helps with thoroughly cleansing and conditioning hair experience, retaining the essential natural properties.
    • The mild pH helps with tear control, keeps eye-stinging, and irritation at bay and facilitates the bath time.
    • The formula's oil and moisturising elements ensure no friction or dryness, keeping the surface moisturised even after drying out.
    • The conditioning elements make the hair soft and smooth, ensuring frizz-free hairs and making combing easy.