Glizigen Gel 250 gm

  • Rs. 1,790.00

Specially designed for the care and intimate hygiene of woman

  • Maintains the physiological pH of intimate areas, naturally cleanses the skin and maintains the natural micro flora of the mucous membranes of the sexual organs. To be used once or twice a day

Has an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral action

  • Reduces inflammation and chances of infection on the skin and genital areas. Exerts anti-viral and anti-fungal action

Reduces discomfort

  • Relieves discomfort, irritation and redness caused by waxing, use of sanitary napkins, synthetic underwear 

Gives a feeling of freshness

  • Provides a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout the day


  • Recommended for daily intimate hygiene and care
  • Natural ingredients only
  • Soap free and pleasant fragrance
  • Easy to rinse off, does not leave any oily feel
  • Does not produce dryness or irritation
  • No side effects