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BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash 500ml

  • Rs. 2,160.00

Formula reinforced with soothing and moisturising actives.

Very mild body wash that is suitable for the daily hygiene of sensitive and delicate skin, and considers the skin's physiological pH level.

  • Contains highly effective active ingredients that reinforce the skin barrier whilst moisturising the skin.
  • Respects and protects the natural barrier of the skin thanks to its high cutaneous tolerability.
  • Enriched with Chamomile and Bisabolol, bringing immediate comfort to your skin.


For daily use. Apply on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly with water.

For complete care, use together with BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Milk.

BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash - Kshipra Health Solutions

New products are constantly introduced to the market, and they are becoming better and more considerate of your body. Now that things have changed, it is said that body washes are better for cleaning your body because the liquid contains the necessary nutrients for gentle exfoliation. This becomes increasingly important as our bodies age and requires relaxation, which can be achieved through the use of various types of body wash. Multiple features of body washes range from rejuvenating your skin to hydrating your dehydrated skin.

A gentle bath soap with a light, pearly appearance that is suitable for everyday use. As it provides deep cleansing, effective hydration, and soothing action, the BABE Hydra Calm Body Wash is ideal for the most sensitive and delicate skin types.

This mild bath soap with a pearly appearance contains Jojoba Active and Syndet and is suitable for the daily hygiene of sensitive and delicate skin. Because of its high cutaneous tolerability, it respects and protects the skin's natural barrier. BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash contains highly effective active ingredients that strengthen and moisturise the skin's natural protective barrier.

Cleanses the skin gently while protecting the natural skin barrier. BABÉ Soothing Complex soothes and relieves the skin, providing immediate comfort, as well as Jojoba Active. With a pH balance of 5.5 to be gentler on the skin.

Characteristics of Hydra-Calm Body Wash

  • The texture is liquid soap.
  • Skin problems: dry and sensitive skin hygiene.
  • Application frequency: as needed.
  • Age: 10+
  • Skin condition: dry skin
  • Main advantages: gently cleanses and hydrates the skin.

Main Active Ingredients Use in BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash

  • Babe Soothing Complex 0.5%: - It contains Aloe Barbadensis, Chamomile, Alpha-Bisabolol, and Allantoin as active ingredients. This high-tech complex relieves and soothes all sensitive skin symptoms while providing long-lasting protection and softness.
  • Moisturizing Factor 0.5%: - It is a highly expert formula that contains Sodium PCA. It is an ultra-effective combination of ingredients explicitly chosen for their softening and anti-irritant action. This NMF can mimic the skin's natural moisture production while also increasing its flexibility and elasticity.
  • Jojoba Active 0.25%: - It is a natural compound composed of a complex mixture of liquid esters. It works by controlling moisture and protecting the skin with emollients. Jojoba Active strengthens the skin's natural protective barriers while providing moisture and softness to its outermost layers.

Instruction to Use BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash

  • Use the Roll-On Deodorant to safeguard your body's most sensitive areas, along with the Hydra-Calm Body Milk to hydrate for a comprehensive daily routine for sensitive and delicate skin.
  • While in the shower, wet your skin, and put a little product in the palm of your hand. Your body should be thoroughly lathered in BABE Hydra Calm Body Wash before a brief period of waiting.
  • Make sure to rinse with water thoroughly to remove all of the product. Use the product daily while taking a shower or bathing.

Benefits of BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash

  • Respects and protects the skin's natural barrier due to its high cutaneous tolerability.
  • Formulated with highly effective active ingredients that help to reinforce the skin's natural protective barrier.
  • It provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Contains the high-tech Babé Soothing Complex, which is designed to soothe and relieve skin from most common irritations, providing immediate comfort.
  • 78% effectiveness in soothing and relieving skin.