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BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Milk 500ml

  • Rs. 840.00

Ultrafluid texture of immediate absorption that leaves the skin soft and moisturised.


Body moisturiser for the daily care of sensitive and delicate skin.

  • Instantly melts into the skin providing a velvety sensation.
  • Encourages the hydration, care and protection of the skin, leaving it soft and flexible throughout the day, thanks to the Jojoba Oil and the Shea Butter.
  • Provides immediate relief thanks to the soothing effect of its active ingredients.
  • Helps reduce sensitivity and to reinforce the skin's natural protection barrier.

HOW TO USEFor daily use. Apply with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.For complete care, use together with BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Wash.

BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Milk - Kshipra Health Solutions

Formulating all beneficial ingredients to help with skin repair, hydration, rejuvenation, and restoration, Kshipra Health Solutions makes the perfect BABÉ Laboratorios Hydra Calm Body Milk accessible for all skin types. Moving towards a more enhanced and conceptualized skincare routine process, it is now possible to take care of the skin with utmost efficiency and vigilance.

Skin is a delicate organ that needs to be taken care of with top-quality products, attention, and concern. To assure with healthy skin, it is crucial to set up a routine ritual with ideal products formulated with beneficial ingredients on the side. Regardless of age or gender, skin is a matter of concern for everyone, and treating it with necessary nutrients becomes prominent with age.

Making it available for everyone, Kshipra Health Solution's BABÉ Laboratorios Hydra Calm Body Milk is undoubtedly the best body lotion for all skin types for all seasons. Kshipra Health Solutions, as a decade-old endeavor, strives to serve with the best healthcare solutions, along with redefining the health treatment experiences. With a prime objective of making unique, research-based, and no-side-effects treatment available, Kshipra Health Solutions commit to serving the best value to the community.

Providing the skin with immediate comfort, using the BABÉ Hydra Calm Body Milk as a daily skincare routine treats the skin with the required care and attention. The hydra calm body milk, formulated with the goodness of jojoba oil, prevents skin sensitivity, deeply moisturizes the skin, and softens it naturally. Its naturally soothing ingredients repair the skin leaving a soft, glowing surface after regular use.

Characteristics of BABÉ Laboratorios Hydra Calm Body Milk

The BABÉ Hydra calm body milk is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Suitable for people above 10, the hydra calm body milk by Kshipra health solutions is a lotion-textured formula. It can be applied anytime, whenever necessary. The lotion is ideal for treating skin issues like dehydration, sensitive skin, and dryness. It also moisturizes skin, along with providing a velvety sensation. The BABÉ hydra calm body milk is an alcohol and color-free formula without toxins and mineral oil.

Main Active Ingredients Use in BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Milk

  • Glycerin - 2.50% of Glycerin in the formula promotes hydration, favors water retention, and boosts skin repair.
  • Jojoba Oil - 0.50% of jojoba and soyabean oil extracts in the formula enhance the natural barrier for the skin and profoundly moisturizes and soften it. These plant-based oil extracts also make skin more elastic and flexible.
  • Shea Butter - 0.50% of shea butter in the BABÉ hydra calm body milk is ideal for restoring the skin's balance, making it more hydrated, relaxed, and healthy. This ingredient is rich in emollient and moisturizing properties; thus, it guards the skin against dehydration. Rich in vitamins and minerals, shea butter in the formula also promotes cell regeneration to promote healthier skin.
  • Soothing Complex - 1% of the soft Complex in the formula is a blend of natural elements, including allantoin, chamomile, alpha-bisabolol, and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. It promotes healthy skin by eliminating issues like itching, irritation, and inflammation and softening the skin.

Instruction To Use

  • The BABÉ hydra calm body milk is a body moisturizing lotion, ideal for everyday use. It is formulated with hydrating and moisturizing elements, which are best for delicate and sensitive skin. The ultra-fluid texture of the lotion gets absorbed by the skin quickly, with a non-sticky, light, and smooth finish.
  • Pour a coin-sized hydra calm body milk into your hand, rub the palms together and apply more to the rougher areas. Gently massage the lotion until it is fully absorbed.
  • For a complete skincare routine, especially for sensitive skin, it is advised to regularly use hydra calm body wash with hydra calm body milk for better results.

Benefits of BABÉ Hydra-Calm Body Milk

  • Using the BABÉ Laboratorios Hydra Calm Body Milk provides the skin with comfort and a milky texture right from the first use.
  • It is ideal for all skin types and is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin with tons of skin issues like dehydration, itching, inflammation, etc.
  • The naturally blended formula of jojoba oil and shea butter softens the skin, reduces sensitivity, and provides more flexibility and elasticity.
  • The hydra calm body milk melts right into the skin after application, provided with a soft and velvety sensation.
  • It provides a smooth and non-sticky finish.
  • Regular use of the BABÉ hydra calm body milk also boosts hydration and prevents skin from uncertain skin problems making it softer and less sensitive.
  • It provides a soothing sensation and reinforces a natural protective barrier against skin problems.