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BABÉ Hydro 24h Reactive Skin 50 ml

  • Rs. 2,790.00

24 hour moisturiser with prebiotic and anti-redness actives. Very sensitive skin.


Moisturising cream enriched with prebiotic, anti-redness and soothing actions, formulated for very sensitive, reactive skin or with rosacea.

  • Helps increase the skin's tolerance threshold thanks to its prebiotic action.

  • Its soothing actions provide immediate relief. 

  • The anti-redness complex strengthens the capillary walls, reduces spider veins and mitigates the possible appearance of couperose.

  • Also contains colour-fusion microcapsules that visibly and instantly conceals redness by achieving an even tone of the skin.

  • With moisturising actives that provide 24 hour hydration (hydration tested by Corneometry technique).


For daily use, morning and evening. Apply on clean and dry face and gently massage until the colour microcapsules melt into the skin, leaving an even finish.

BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin - Kshipra Health Solutions

Moisturizer is a fantastic product to include in your daily skincare routine whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Moisturizers can make your skin look hydrated and rejuvenated. The oil glands that keep our skin supple continue to lose their effectiveness as we age, producing fewer oils. Moisturizing daily allows the glands to work less challenging to keep your skin healthy throughout your life.

Enhance Your Beauty With BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream - Kshipra Health

BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream not only prevents redness and inflammation but also keeps your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Due to a combination of substances with anti-inflammatory characteristics that assist in promoting blood circulation, its unique formulation is suitable for skin prone to redness and rosacea. Prebiotics can help to repair and protect the skin while also boosting tolerance. Furthermore, this cream contains color-fusion microcapsules, which release a light pigment to help minimize redness.

BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream

BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream by Kshipra Health Solution is suited for skin that is reactive and ultra-sensitive, as well as skin that is prone to redness. It calms and moisturizes the skin while preventing irritation and concealing redness.

Characteristics of Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream:

  • Creamy texture
  • Redness and rosacea/couperose are common skin problems
  • Morning and afternoon are the best times to apply
  • Ten years and above
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Combats redness, moisturizes, soothes the skin and reduces inflammation
  • There are no fragrances or mineral oils in this formula

Main Active Ingredients Used in BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream

Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream’s rich formula is a composition of several great ingredients like:

  • 0.20% Allantoin, which softens and soothes the skin in addition to repairing it.
  • 2% Biolin Prebiotic, which works as a microorganism-defeating barrier.
  • Bisabolol (0.20%) has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes and hydrates the skin.
  • 40% Jojoba oil actively hydrates while bolstering the skin's natural defenses.
  • 2% Niacinamide moisturizes and softens sensitive skin while relaxing it.
  • Natural Moisturizing Factor (1% NMF) is a combination of substances moisturizing skin.
  • The 5% Soothing Peptide's anti-inflammatory characteristics provide rapid relief from itching.
  • 0.25% Vitamin E provides antioxidant qualities.

Instructions to Use BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin:

  • Gently massage BABE Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream into a freshly cleansed face until the microcapsules melt.
  • Use the product in the morning and afternoon daily. Don't use it at night.

Benefits of Hydro 24h Reactive Skin:

  • Due to its prebiotic properties, it aids in increasing the skin's tolerance threshold.
  • Its calming effects bring instant comfort.
  • The anti-redness complex strengthens capillary walls, decreases spider veins, and prevents couperose from developing.
  • Color-fusion microcapsules are also included, which noticeably and rapidly cover redness by achieving an even skin tone.
  • With 24-hour hydration from moisturizing activities (hydration tested by Corneometry technique).