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BABÉ Oil Soap 100/ 500 ml

  • Rs. 999.00

Water-free concentrated formula, enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9 that help maintain the skin barrier.


Body soap with over 40% emollient oils that gently cleans, softens and hydrates the skin in depth.

Especially suited for dry or atopic skin.

  • Its high content in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, help reestablish the hydration level of the skin, prevent dehydration and bring immediate comfort.
  • Quickly soothes itchiness and the feeling of tightness.


For daily use. Apply on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly with water.

BABE Oil Soap - Kshipra Health Solutions

It is critical to understand the significance of hydrating your skin. This is especially true if you want a healthy, smooth, glowing complexion. Many people wrongly believe that moisturizing oils should only be used during winters, However, it is essential to understand that moisturizing product help to slow down The Signs of Aging, Prevent Dryness, provide Protection From The Sun, and Help Fight Acne along with Soothing Sensitive Skin.

An excellent moisturizing product for your skin will help your skin cells regenerate faster, and to achieve this, BABE Oil Soap by Kshipra health is just the product you need!

Babe laboratories oil Soap

Babe Oil Soap 500ml is a daily cleansing product that cleanses your skin effectively without drying it out. The Babe Oil Soap moisturizes your skin intensively due to the presence of 40% emollient oils in its formulation. Moreover, its high essential fatty acid content not only hydrates the skin but also prevents dehydration and provides quick relief. The Babe Oil Soap is ideal for providing regular care to dry, severely dry, or atopic skin thanks to its nourishing and protecting properties. Furthermore, its formulation has calming characteristics that provide immediate relief from itching and stiffness.

Characteristics of BABE Laboratorios Oil Soap

Dryness, sensitivity, itching, and atopic dermatitis are all symptoms of atopic dermatitis. However, BABE Laboratorios Oil Soap has some characteristics that can help you take care of all the above mentioned problems.

  • Oily texture
  • Dry to very dry skin that is prone to atopic dermatitis.
  • Efficiently cleanses your skin without drying it out.
  • Profoundly hydrates your skin.
  • Avoids dehydration.
  • It has soothing properties that provide immediate relief from itching and tightness.

BABE Oil Soap is suitable for individuals of ten years and above.

Main Active Ingredients BABE Oil Soap:

The rich formula of BABE Oil Soap 500ml is a composition of a number of great ingredients like:

  • 40% Soy Oil, a natural substance that provides your skin with oil-restoration and emollient characteristics from the first application.
  • 1% Inca Inchi Oil is a rare substance that can prevent even the most severe cases of dehydration and dryness. It gradually improves the skin's natural smoothness and suppleness.
  • Vitamin F 0.5 % comprises omega three and omega six essential fatty acids. Vitamin F can help rehydrate dry and very dry skin by repairing the skin barrier function.

Instruction to Use BABE Laboratorios Oil Soap

  • Integrate it with the Emollient Cream
  • Pour a decent quantity onto the palm of your hand or a beauty sponge to apply.
  • In the shower, dampen your skin and massage the product smoothly all over your body without scrubbing.
  • Allow the product to rest for a few seconds before rinsing thoroughly.
  • Use Oil Soap every day in the shower or bath.

Benefits of BABE Oil Soap:

  • This Oil Soap improves the skin's moisture levels thanks to its high quantity of vital fatty acids.
  • It is formulated to keep you hydrated, especially during cold and dry months.
  • Its Vitamin F concentration immediately relieves and soothes atopic and scaling skin.
  • It quickly relieves itching and stiffness on the most delicate types of skin.
  • This step is ideal for including in a dry skin treatment or a medical treatment for severely dry or atopic skin.